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Rooflight Features on Building The Dream TV Show in Stunning Self-Build Property


This blog covers a stunning installation of one of the most in-demand Rooflight Solutions products, the circular rooflight. The rooflight was installed within a self-build property based in the Norfolk countryside, which is to be featured on a Channel 4’s “Building The Dream” episode later this year.

Carry on reading to find out what Charlie Luxton said about our rooflight and how the product dealt with overheating in the property.

The property (shown below), was built by Tony and Ness Hales, who embarked on a mission to create their own “perfect world” after a series of experiences made them realise they were in the “rat race” and going through the motions.


The couple has documented their journey through their website and multiple social media platforms. We recommend checking out their Instagram page @tonyandnessecobuild (here!) which documents their self-build journey; whether you want motivation, house ideas or to see our circular rooflight in action product, Tony and Ness have covered it all!

What Was The Product?

Rooflight Solutions supplied a 2.5m circular rooflight to Tony and Ness, who originally were in search of a 3.5m rooflight to fill the whole roof in their tower, which is an integral feature to the home.

Tony and Ness had previously spoken to numerous rooflight suppliers and were quoted as much as £35,000 for their dream rooflight; which is a huge amount of money to spend on any feature of a property, let alone in a self-build!

It was after this point that Tony and Ness found Rooflight Solutions, and after browsing through our services, got in touch to ask for a quote!

It is not too cheesy to say that in this case, it was just meant to be, as we had a spare bespoke made 2.5m circular rooflight, that a previous client had misordered, sitting in our warehouse. While not the 3.5m specification they were after, the couple was blown away by the quality for the price we quoted and ordered the product on the spot.

To check out our standard circular rooflight products, feel free to check out our circular rooflight circular rooflight products in stock or for our bespoke range for our custom product tailored to your requirements.

The fully installed rooflight, as shown below, sits at the top of an amazing tower feature, allowing light and heat to spill down into the stairway. The couple, looking back, now believe that the smaller, 2.5m diameter circular rooflight looks much better than the 3.5m they originally searched for and has actually allowed for night-time ceiling lighting to fit into the roof, which otherwise would have hanged from the outer walls of the tower (possibly taking away from the aesthetics of the space!).

The couple was that happy with the product and service that they got, that when our after-care team spoke to them we got the following quote:

“Any doubts about having a smaller rooflight was wiped away immediately. The product looks absolutely amazing in the space; it definitely has the wow factor. I don’t even think if I had spent the extra £30k, it wouldn't have made the space any nicer or given more wow factor.”

It is always great to receive such great feedback from a client, but it is also a testament to the Rooflight Solutions Team that the couple speaks so highly of our products, even after speaking to “up to 10” other UK rooflight suppliers, which couldn't meet their required standards, sizes or price.

To find out more about our amazing product range, including our circular rooflights, feel free to get in touch either through sales@rooflightsolutions.co.uk or +44 7540 726055.

Charlie Luxton’s and Vistors' Opinions on the Rooflight.

During the episode of Channel 4’s “Building The Dream”, in which Charlie Luxton views the house with Tony and Ness, Charlie describes the Rooflight Solutions circular rooflight as “majestic”. This is a true testament to our product as Charlie is an architectural designer who writes, speaks and has published work about the environment and sustainable architecture, so knows his stuff!.

The photo below taken from the couple's Instagram page shows how the property looks at the time of writing this; highlighting how stunning the property is even though it isn't completely finished. Ness told the Rooflight Solutions team that even in this early stage, visitors who come and visit the house always ask about the rooflight and that it is one of the most popular features.



To see the other features in this self-build, feel free to check out Tony and Ness’ Instagram page, which shows views of the property as you would see if you visited the property yourself. The “Building The Dream” episode which features the property hasn’t been released yet, but we will share the video on our page as soon as we have access to it, so be sure to check ours and the couple’s website for updates!

Was Overheating an Issue?

Tony and Ness specified that all the windows within the property were to be triple-glazed, as to ensure the solar and heat performance of the building was as sustainable as possible.

The rooflight that Rooflight Solutions had available at the time when Tony and Ness called was double-glazed (as standard on all but our custom made bespoke products), which originally was a concern to the couple.

Triple glazed windows do give you an extra layer of thermal insulation and security (in case one of the layers fails due to ageing), meaning if budget allows, they can be a great option. However, if a double glazed product is a high enough quality, the same effect can be achieved for a lower price; and this is what the couple said they found with Rooflight Solutions' product.

Elsewhere in the property, there are two triple-glazed products supplied by another UK-based company, and Ness herself wished they had been ordered from Rooflight Solutions as they “often overheat the space and don’t have the same quality as Rooflight Solutions’ products”.

Ness said that the tower in which the rooflight is installed "hasn’t dropped below 19 degrees and hasn't overheated”, this is because the circular rooflights double glazing achieves a hybrid level of performance in the cold and warm UK conditions. This case study shows that if you have quality double-glazed products, solar balance achieved can be achieved in both summer and winter.

Final Thoughts

Tony and Ness have truly built the dream, and it has been a pleasure being involved in their self-build project. Be sure to follow their journey as they make the finishing touches to their property through their website and socials linked above.

Believe it or not, but this is actually the 2nd time that our products have been featured on a TV show within the last month! To check out what Ryan Serhant said about five of Rooflight Solutions' products that were installed into an Upper East Side New York townhouse, check out our previous blog!

To find out more about our amazing product range, including our circular rooflights, feel free to get in touch either through sales@rooflightsolutions.co.uk or +44 7540 726055.

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