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Rooflights in 2020


Where Rooflights are Headed in 2020

Rooflights have the ability to revitalise your commercial or domestic space with natural sunlight and increased ventilation. With additional benefits such as CO2 emission reduction and a cheaper lighting bill—it’s no surprise that rooflight technology continues to expand.

So, how is rooflight technology expanding? 

Two short answers include: 
  • Bespoke design 
  • Electronic open and close sliding
More on both of these developments later! 


Frequently Asked Rooflight Questions 

To shed light on what rooflights provide for domestic and commercial spaces, we’ve organised and answered some of the top rooflight questions:


Do Rooflights Add Value to a Space?

Yes, rooflights add value. Skylights raise the perceived and real cost of a space due to the great impression they make on visitors. With the relatively low-installation price, skylights a great addition and a no brainer to boost a space’s value and appearance. 


How Long do Rooflights Last? 

Rooflight life expectancy hinges on:

  • Type of brand
  • Quality of labor 
  • Climate 

With these three factors playing a vital role in the life expectancy of your rooflights, it’s essential to choose a quality manufacturer and installation team such as Rooflight Solutions.


All Rooflight Solution installations come with a ten-year warranty, with extended warranties available per request. 


Why is Professional Installation Important for Rooflights in 2020?

Installing a rooflight involves precision. The exterior and interior linings are required to line up correctly. A mistake during DIY installation could mean making a new hole or buying a new window! 


Weather damage can also occur during a botched DIY rooflight installation. Constant weather exposure from an incorrect installation can lead to situations such as water damage, costing you even more money down the line. 


While incorrectly installing a rooflight can lead to weather damage, new technologies have the ability to help protect against such occurrences. 


New Technologies With Rooflight Installation

A potential downside of installing a rooflight is unwanted solar heat gain and heat loss during winter. 


To circumnavigate potential heat problems during changing seasons, rooflight manufacturers such as Rooflight Solutions use different types of glazing technologies such as: 

  • Heat-absorbing tints 
  • Insulated glazing
  • Low-emissive coatings 
  • Translucent insulation materials 

Water leaks are another problem that can occur with rooflights.


Some strategies to help avoid rooflight water leaks include: 

  • Mounting the rooflight above the roof’s surface 
  • Installing a curb which deflects water away from the rooflight 
  • Apply a layer of sheet waterproofing over the rooflight flanges

What’s important is that workers follow manufacturing guidelines during rooflight installation. 


Professional installation teams such as the ones at Rooflight Solutions have the knowledge and experience to install even the newest forms of rooflight technology. If you would like to call on our expertise, feel free to get in touch!


Sliding Rooflights 

Sliding rooflights are the ideal installation for increasing amounts of natural light and ventilation within your space. Modern technology allows sliding rooflights to maintain an almost frameless appearance when closed. 


Larger scale sliding rooflight projects have the option of featuring a “sliding over roof” design that utilises internal supports. Tracks support the frame, which leads to full glaze retraction. 


Spaces that are limited to roof territory tend to use fixed slides that don’t require extra space. 


Rooflight Solutions is able to provide a number of standard sliding rooflight sizes here, but if you require a specification outside of those sizes, please get in touch with one of our friendly team through 0800 999 7774 or sales@rooflightsolutions.co.uk we will build a bespoke product to fit your needs!


Proper Insulation Ratings 

If you’re looking to avoid insulation problems with rooflights, it’s essential to be aware of R-Value ratings.


Measuring how well heat is resisted through a given thickness of a material—R-value serves as a great indicator of how well your rooflight will function. The higher the R-value, the higher the performance of the material. 


U-Value Ratings stands as the overall heat transfer coefficient that reflects how well a building element conducts heat or the rate transfer of heat. A high U-value indicates a worse thermal performance. 


Now that we’ve touched on rooflight background let’s highlight some of the top rooflight products on the market today from Rooflight Solutions. 


Electrical Opening Rooflights 

Electrical opening rooflights from Rooflight Solutions are some of the newest products available. Available in both standard and lantern format, electrical opening rooflights are dynamic. 


Classic, traditional, and elegant are words that describe Rooflight Solutions’ electrical opening rooflights. 


The best part about these products is the ability to open and close electronically. As a result, natural light and ventilation are increased. 


Rooflight Solutions offers more than set sizes of electrical opening rooflights, they also offer bespoke design aimed to suit the individual needs of your space. Find our range of products here.


The in-house design team present at Rooflight Solutions will work with you and your construction team from initial concept creation, all the way through to site completion. 

Multi-Section Flat Glass Rooflights 

Multi-section flat glass rooflights are aesthetically pleasing additions to your space. 


The sections that make up multi-section flat glass rooflights can be split in a variety of ways such as: 

  • Glass to glass joins
  • Glazing rafters
  • Glass fins

Made to measure service helps implement multi-section glass windows into your space with precision. 


At Roolight Solutions we are able to create specialist flat rooflights in a range of bespoke sizes; if you want it built, we will deliver! Find our range here.


Why Rooflight Solutions? 

Here’s what makes Rooflight Solutions your go-to option for rooflight purchases and installations: 

  • Products are designed and manufactured in house 
  • Nationwide delivery 
  • Won’t be beaten on price
  • Supplies to both domestic and commercial locations
  • Installation 
  • 24-hour service


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