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Surveys and Maintenance

What Rooflight Solutions Offer

We will carry out a free comprehensive glazing survey of your system and recommend any remedial action that may be necessary to maintain its integrity. We will inspect the key elements including the glazing system, fixings, supporting structure, and the glass itself. Typical problems which can be identified include degradation of weather seals, loose and missing fixtures and fittings, and the failure of hermetic seals – which can result in units ‘fogging’. In some cases, non-safety glass, which can present a danger to occupants, can be identified and replaced, reducing the risk that an ineffective or jeopardized system brings. 

Once the glazing survey has been performed, we will compile a comprehensive report which will highlight any defects. We will make clear our findings, highlighting any major defects which require immediate attention and any minor defects which should be looked at over time and/or monitored. 

Carrying out glazing surveys will provide you with the peace of mind that the building warranties and insurance remain valid.

Glazing Survey

The glazing survey will be carried out with specialist laser equipment that will enable our experienced consultant to assess compliance with Regulation 14 of the Workplace Regulations 1992, as it relates to the safety of glass in windows and doors. 

Our report will identify and assess each area of glass for which the client is responsible, including digital photographs and recommendations for action, where appropriate.  The survey does not cover the security or condition of high-level glazing (atria, for example).

In cases where insulating glass units with seal failures are present and inclusion extraction is needed, Rooflight Solutions can arrange for laboratory chemical analysis sessions.

The areas covered by a typical glazing assessment include:

  • Windows and doors
  • Atriums and Conservatory glass
  • Water ingress and Drainage investigations
  • Material Quality
  • The visual quality of glazing
  • Insulating Glass Units with Seal Failure
  • Spontaneous and other breakage types
  • Inclusion Analysis
  • Condensation and ventilation issues
  • Sealant incompatibility
  • Design calculations
  • Safety, security, and thermal (glass type and function analysis)

FREE Inspection

Our surveyor will conduct a full inspection of your site, we would include all glazing curtain walling, roofs, canopies, windows, and any pre-identified issues.

FREE Report

Upon completion of our survey, we will provide a photographic schedule highlighting any identified defects along with any health and safety concerns.

FREE Quotation

We will provide a list of recommended remedial repairs that will ensure a fully serviceable and compliant glazing system alongside a fully costed proposal.

If you require any assistance please call 0800 999 7774 or email sales@rooflightsolutions.co.uk to discuss your specific needs in more detail.

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