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The Benefits of Automatic Opening Ventilation (AOV) rooflights


What is a AOV Rooflight? 

AOV Rooflights (or Automatic Opening Vent Rooflights) are designed to automatically facilitate the natural extractions of smoke during a fire in a residential or commercial building. 

Due to the high fire safety standards required in buildings, AOV rooflights must comply with BS EN 12101-2:2003 and require a CE mark which means they fit within European Standard testing methods. These tests ensure the rooflight components installed into the rooflight are appropriate as a natural smoke and heat system.

Before purchasing or speaking to a supplier about providing or detailing an AOV rooflight, you should check their products are BS EN 12101_2:2003 compliant. Fortunately, Rooflight Solutions has you covered, as our range of AOV rooflights are tested under these regulations and go beyond the safety standards required for these installations.

What are the benefits of smoke ventilation systems and AOV rooflights?


When designing a building, one of the primary points of concern should be the safety of its users. Too many times in the past, the cost has been put in front of ensuring that the safety of the individuals and groups using the build is secured. 

AOVs and smoke ventilation systems are designed to keep escape routes clear of smoke, which would otherwise impair vision and damage the lungs of those trying to escape.

They are also effective at assisting the fire-fighting efforts and operations as they create a smoke-free layer, allowing firefighters to access the building and rescue anyone who has not been able to escape through fire exits.

AOVs do not require human action to extract the smoke; they are automatically triggered when fire alarm systems detect smoke within a building. This automation means building users only have to worry about evacuating the building, with rooflights acting to create the safest possible environment. 

When smoke is detected, the AOV rooflight opens to a prescribed angle, which naturally facilitates this smoke extraction process; reducing the consequential financial losses caused by smoke damage and creating a safer escape route.


AOV rooflights can be installed into a variety of different spaces and, like all of Rooflight Solution's rooflights, our AOV range can be built custom to meet your dimensions and space requirements.

Most AOV systems are installed in corridors or stairwells, are more commonly found in apartment blocks, hotels, schools and hospitals.

As the unit consists of a base unit with a hinged lid section that is moved by an actuator system, it is crucial that these systems must work seamlessly when smoke is detected in these buildings.

Rooflight Solutions Recommendations

Safety during a fire should never be compromised, as being overcome by gas, smoke or toxic fumes is partly or wholely the cause of death in over half of fire-related fatalities; it is crucial to get these interventions sourced, installed and maintained correctly. 

Therefore, the most effective thing a designer can do for a building to reduce deaths during a fire, is to install an effective smoke ventilation system. This not only gives building users a safer exit route, but also gives better access for firefighters during an emergency. 

When installed in synergy with fire doors, which close automatically during fires, the spreading of toxic smoke can be reduced. Without installation of an AOV rooflight to clear these enclosed environments they will rapidly fill with smoke, meaning the building users safety cannot be secured by fire doors alone. 

Testing requirements of BS 12101-2:2003 

BS 12101-2:2003 requires each AOV system must undergo rigorous testing in order to ensure the above safety concerns are secured for the long-term future. 

These tests include cycle testing over thousands of operations, which is designed to ensure the actuator mechanism is robust and can endure a number of uses that far exceeds its life design requirements. Tests also include high and low-temperature tests, alongside snow and wind loads to ensure the AOV rooflight can operate even under the worst-case loading conditions using both mains and battery power. 

Rooflight Solutions AOV products have been passed through these tests, to ensure nothing but the highest safety and quality. Rooflight Solutions provides a Certificate of Conformity supplied by a UKAS accredited body, which guarantees that your product exceeds the safety standards which will help keep your building users safe during the worst-case scenario. 

What makes Rooflight Solutions products unique? 

Rooflight Solutions combines performance and aesthetics to ensure your building is safe and meets the design requirements to meet your needs. AOV rooflights are commonly unsightly and, as ultimately a safety product, other providers do not ensure your space is aesthetically enhanced by the product.

Rooflight solutions AOV rooflight product have minimal formwork, which are often the cause of bulky, unaesthetic rooflights which don’t work to enhance your building space. 

All of our rooflight products are made to order, meaning not only does our AOV rooflight range have the flexibility to meet your safety and aesthetic requirements, but also they have all the other benefits of rooflights as other rooflight types. To find out about how rooflights are expected to change and be utilised within buildings in 2020, feel free to check out our 2020 rooflight blog.

Rooflight Solutions is able to provide a number of standard AOV rooflights here, but if you require a specification outside of those sizes, please get in touch with one of our friendly team through 0800 999 7774 or sales@rooflightsolutions.co.uk we will build a bespoke product to fit your needs! 

Why Rooflight Solutions?

Here’s what makes Rooflight Solutions your go-to option for rooflight purchases and installations: 

•Products are designed and manufactured in house 

•Nationwide delivery 

•Won’t be beaten on price 

•Supplies to both domestic and commercial locations 


•24-hour service 

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