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Your Rooflight FAQs: Common Rooflight Questions


How much do rooflights weigh? Can you walk on a rooflights? What is a rooflight U-Value?

These are some of the most common questions we get from past, present and (hopefully!) future customers at Rooflight Solutions.

To answer these questions, and more, we have put together this Rooflight FAQ blog to answer all your most burning questions. 

If you are unsure, or if your question isn't within our FAQs, please drop us an email sales@rooflightsolutions.co.uk or give us a call on 0800 999 7774 and one of our team will get back to you.

In the meantime, let us jump into our FAQs! You can also look through our blog section of our website where we cover all things rooflights to find out more.

How much will my rooflight weigh?

The weight of a rooflight very much depends on the size and specification, for example, a 3000mm x 1000mm rooflight will be much heavier than a 1000mm x 1000mm rooflight and an Electric Opening Rooflight will weigh more than a standard rooflight due to the electrical mechanisms.

For example, a standard specification flat fixed rooflight with 1000m x 1000m dimensions would weigh around 50kg (plus the upstand which varies depending upon your roof).

If you want specifics for all of our products, please either go through the product specifications on our website or get in touch!

Are rooflights safe to walk on?

In general, you should not walk on rooflights because they aren't always made of fully supported and strengthened glass which can safely support a human. Consequently, you should generally ensure that humans are restricted from being able to walk on or fall onto a rooflight.

We say not all rooflights are safe to walk on, because some are completely safe to do so! Our internal and external walk-on glass rooflights are designed for a human to walk on! This is because they are specifically designed and strengthened to transfer the loading to the rooflight upstand.

To see walk-on rooflights safely in action, check out our blog covering Ryan Serhant's review of a New York Town House, where he runs across one of our products!

Do you offer an installation service?

Our standard rooflights are designed to be as easy as possible to install yourself and come with full installation instructions, hardware kit and wiring diagrams to allow anybody with practical DIY skills to fit the product.

However, for bespoke and large standard orders, or even if you just prefer the convenience, we have an installation service for an additional fee. This is often recommended as our trained professionals will silicone bond the rooflight to your roof onsite, meaning you can guarantee long-lasting installation quality and ensure it meets our warranty requirements.

Where are your rooflights manufactured?

All of our rooflights are manufactured in the UK and our standard rooflight sizes are often bespoke made (for no additional cost) meaning that we can offer competitive and complete glazing service to cover all commercial, domestic and conservatory rooflight applications.

Many people don’t know that we also offer glass facades and glazed canopies, which like our rooflights, are manufactured in the UK.

Do you offer any other sizes than your standard range?

Yes, we do! In fact, we are actually able to offer an almost limitless range and variety of rooflight sizes to meet your needs. We don't have all of the different options on our website because we aim to be able to meet your design vision regardless of the complexity!

We can go beyond our standard range through our bespoke rooflight range - this is something we get asked about a lot and even wrote a blog about why you are missing out on exploring this as an option!

What are U-values and why are they important?

The U-value is a metric used to show how well a rooflight prevents heat from transferring from one side to the other. There are three quoted u-values; the centre glass pane u-value (Ug), overall product u-value (Uw) and the overall ‘developed area’ u-value (Ud) which measures the glass, frame and upstand together.

Unfortunately, this is a complicated topic and many of our competitors make it harder to understand by not being transparent about their glazing's U-values. Check out our U-Value blog which explains everything you need to know to see through the confusion!

What angle can glass rooflights be installed on?

The angle that a rooflight can be installed on depends on the exact product that you are interested in. For example, our standard glass rooflight can be installed between 5 and 90 degrees (i.e. on an almost flat to a vertical surface), giving ultimate flexibility for integration into your design vision. However, our electric opening rooflights can only be installed between 5 and 70 degrees due to the mechanisms of the opening system.

To be sure that you are installing your rooflight at the appropriate angle (sometimes called pitch), feel free to call 0800 999 7774 or email sales@rooflightsolutions.co.uk and we will help you out!

When will my product be delivered?

If in stock, your rooflight(s) will be delivered to your chosen site within 10 working days. If you installed a bespoke rooflight that is manufactured to order, depending on the specification, we offer lead times of 3-4 weeks from the date of order (depending on service selected).

Where will my product be delivered to?

Deliveries will be made to the kerbside or nearest accessible point.

We do not deliver to the installation point or inside the building as standard. So please ensure you take note of the product weight and ensure enough people are on-site or have adequate equipment to move the product from the delivery point to your intended installation point.

Due to our vehicle sizes used we may not be able to deliver to locations with restricted or narrow access, please contact our sales team who will be happy to advise.

Do your rooflights comply with the latest building regulations?

Rooflight Solutions' rooflights all comply with the latest EU guidelines and building regulations, meaning you don't have to worry about quality or safety.

Are your rooflights susceptible to condensation?

Most of our rooflights are manufactured from 6063-T6 aluminium profile and are thermally broken with 32mm polyamide insulation sections, which is designed to prevent cold bridging and therefore stop condensation.

What is your warranty policy?

All of our products come with a 10-year warranty as standard with an independent 3rd party insurance company covering this. The length of the warranty can be extended at an additional cost upon request.

If you want to request an extended warranty period, then we can offer these depending upon the product, installation details etc. The warranties available are:

  • Painted surfaces - 10 Years
  • Glass – 10 years
  • Silicone Sealants – 10 years
  • Operating Gear – 12 months from date of purchase
  • Installation – 12 months from date of install

NOTE: These warranties are only available if you follow the instructions detailed in our Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Guide.

Why Rooflight Solutions?

Here’s what makes Rooflight Solutions your go-to option for rooflight purchases and installations:

  • Products are designed and manufactured in house
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Despite being a market-leader, we are still a family-run business and our personal customer service represents this
  • Won’t be beaten on price
  • Supplies to both domestic and commercial locations
  • Installation
  • 24-hour service

If we have missed your question from this FAQ, feel free to either call or email one of our friendly Rooflight Solutions Team!

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