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An Empire State Of Mind For Rooflight Solutions


February took the Rooflight Solutions team to New York City. In the past 3 years, the company has seen an increased demand for products in the United States and this has allowed us to form a number strong relationships with clients, especially in the New York area.

We took this opportunity to meet with these existing clients as well as show off some of our exciting new products to major architecture practices across Manhattan. The city is notorious for having one of the largest and most varied collection of skyscrapers in the world, but also full of architecturally significant buildings in a wide range of styles spanning distinct historical and cultural periods. The character of New York's large residential districts is often defined by the elegant brownstone rowhouses, townhouses, and apartments. Rooflight Solutions is proud to have installed our product in a number of properties across the city.

The first day the team visited one of our townhouse projects in downtown Manhattan where 3 Rooflights solutions walk on rooflights were installed. There is two large internal walk on Rooflights which have just been installed as well as another Rooflight designed to increase the natural daylight within the townhouse. The internal walkable glass creates a show piece within the home as well as increasing the transmittance of natural daylight.

Due to the high market value of properties across the city, they are designed to increase the living space where possible, so most townhouses feature lower basement levels. This is a great way to increase space however it can be difficult to get sufficient light underground which can often lead to the spaces feeling dark. With a cleverly placed rooflight installed this problem can be resolved. The rooflight is positioned so it accesses most of the day's sunlight which enables light to flood into the room reducing the need for artificial light within the space.

The next two days were filled with meetings with some major and influential architecture practices across Manhattan. We took this opportunity to showcase new products which have been designed specifically with the New York market in mind. We wanted to create new and innovative ways that rooftop levels and terraces can be accessed. The next few weeks will see the finalisation and launch of these new products in preparation for Rooflight Solutions Showcase stand at Grand Designs Live London in May.

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