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You will never walk alone... On this Giant Rooflight!


This week took the RLS team to Merseyside Via Chester on numerous surveys. Over a couple of days, the team had 7 site surveys for future projects in these areas. As one of our surveys was based next door to Cheshire Oaks. During this time, we got to have a look at the Glazing and Curtain Walling at the impressive Flagship Ralph Lauren store. The architecture of the retail space is ‘loosely based’ on a Cheshire countryside barn and provides a huge 14,000sq ft of retail space. As you can see from the pictures the design and quality of the build show the amount of investment that has been put into the Ellesmere Port area recently.

After this; the team headed across to Liverpool. From previous visits and research, we knew that there is more than £1bn of projects on site across the city in 2017 alone. It is no surprise to us that Liverpool has the second largest regional economy in the UK. We were fortunate enough to survey at the Liverpool One Development where there had been a large Walk on Rooflight installed. Visiting this Rooflight as a professional was great as we got to see the design features that went into this impressive project (pictured). The design was extremely bespoke with a large outer perimeter of walk on glass with an upstanding concrete cylinder in the center with a glazed walk on top. When you were on top of the cylinder and looked down you could see all the multiple floors below plummeting under your feet. It was a great experience but not for anyone who is afraid of heights!

Liverpool was a really worthwhile visit. The city is home to some of the best new design and architecture in the country, and as a company, it is a place where we would like to do some major commercial jobs in the upcoming year or two.  

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