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What Is A Walk On Rooflight


This blog will answer many of the questions you have about Walk On Rooflights, such as what is a walk-on rooflight, what are the benefits of a walk-on rooflight, what are the different options and how to buy one. We will also be showcasing some of the wow factor installations we have had in the past below!

Walk-on rooflights can give the wow-factor to any internal or external space and have many of the benefits that Rooflight Solutions rooflights bring.


Walk-on rooflights are flush-fitting glass panels than can fit onto flat roofs or even be fitted into the floor, unlocking the potential or a terrace or dark basement without sacrificing usable space.

The glass used in walk-on glass rooflights is designed to withstand regular footfall in the UK in accordance with BS EN 1991-1-1-1:2002, which requires walk on glass to withstand 1.5 kN per meter squared of uniform loading and 2 kN of point loading. In short, the glass is safe for you and your friends, family and children to walk on!

Walk-on rooflights combine technology and safety, and Rooflight Solutions offers both internal and external options so that you can be sure to have a solution that fits your needs!


Walk-on rooflights have many of the same benefits that all of Rooflight Solutions rooflight products have, including:

  • Increased light incidence into your home, making the rooms feel more spacious
  • Improved mood and mental health of the occupants
  • Sleek design and thermal efficiency

On top of this, walk-on rooflights have some distinct benefits which place them in front of many rooflights on the market, including:

  • Added wow factor: Having walk-on glass in your home adds that extra wow factor for yourself and all your guests, family and friends to enjoy.
  • Internal room connectivity: Having rooflights between floors in homes adds an extra connection "feel" between floors, allowing them to feel more spacious and share light across each other.

Want to see just how fantastic our walk-on rooflights look? Check out this blog which covers Ryan Serhant's review of a property which contains five our our rooflights, including three of our walk on range (or look below where Ryan is walking on one of them!).


Rooflight Solutions combines performance and aesthetics to ensure your building is safe and meets the design requirements to meet your needs. Walk-on rooflights are commonly unsightly and, as ultimately a safety product, other providers do not ensure your space is aesthetically enhanced by the product.

Rooflight solutions walk-on rooflight product have minimal formwork, which is often the cause of bulky, unaesthetic rooflights which don’t work to enhance your building space.

All of our rooflight products are made to order, meaning not only does our walk on rooflight range have the flexibility to meet your safety and aesthetic requirements, but also they have all the other benefits of rooflights as other rooflight types. To find out about how rooflights are expected to change and be utilised within buildings in 2020, feel free to check out our 2020 rooflight blog.


Now you have learnt about the finer details of a walk-on rooflight and the benefits, it's time to cover the different options you can have on them. These options are a bit more varied than simply indoor and outdoor, as you're about to find out!

Rooflight Solutions walk on glass rooflights come in 5 different sizing options:

  • 1000mm x 1000mm
  • 1200mm x 1000mm
  • 1500mm x 1000mm
  • 2000mm x 1000mm
  • 3000mm x 1000mm

Don't see the size you're after? Don't worry, if you require a specification outside of those sizes, please get in touch with one of our friendly team through 0800 999 7774 or sales@rooflightsolutions.co.uk and we will build a bespoke product to fit your needs!

Furthermore, the Rooflight Solutions Team also provides transparent Anti-Slip Coatings (which comply with The UK Slip Resistance Guidelines, Issue 3 2005), Solar Control and Obscured Interlayer upgrades to help make our walk-on glass rooflights exactly to your requirements.


The Rooflight Solutions walk on glass rooflight has been manufactured from 6063-T6 aluminium profile, which is thermally broken with 32mm polyamide insulation sections to prevent cold bridging and stop condensation.

The frames are dual colour, coated with marine grade polyester powder coating; supplied in dark grey (RAL 7015) externally and white (RAL 9010) internally, as standard.

Why does this all come as standard? Because here at Rooflight Solutions we are fully committed to only providing the best products for your rooflight needs.

Furthermore, they come factory glazed as one unit for ease of installation, which you can also get from Rooflight Solutions when you order your product through our website.


Here’s what makes Rooflight Solutions your go-to option for rooflight purchases and installations:

  • Products are designed and manufactured in house
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Won’t be beaten on price
  • Supplies to both domestic and commercial locations
  • Installation
  • 24-hour service

Not only do Rooflight Solutions have a proven track record of delivering high-quality products to satisfied customers, but also, our customer service and sales team will work round the clock to fulfil your needs!

In particular, we are dedicated to fulfilling your bespoke needs; to find out more how Rooflight Solutions can fulfil these needs, check out our bespoke rooflights blog!

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